Project Checklist Template

Project Checklist Template


The Project Checklist Template is a template designed for use with Excel to aid you in planning and tracking projects. Use this simple checklist template to document all major objectives and steps of your project so that you don’t forget any key points and complete each step correctly. This template has space to record tasks, their respective dates, and their status within the project so that you can capture and document all tasks included in your project accordingly. You can also add notes to specific tasks as well. You can tailor the template to your exact needs by adding or deleting tasks that are not necessary or defining new checklists for specific purposes.


A comprehensive template like this can be used to support your strategic planning process, which is where you plan and organize the details of the project from the point at which you start the project until it is completed. The Project Checklist Template also has room for additional comments and notes, which will be especially useful if you plan to submit your work to external stakeholders. This type of template can be an excellent resource to support the plan review process as well as your overall strategy development. It will allow you to track and monitor the progress of the project, as well as provide valuable feedback to help you prioritize and modify the plan accordingly.


With the Project Checklist Template you can quickly and easily complete all tasks associated with a project, thus ensuring that you are meeting all of the milestone objectives. You will also be able to communicate with external stakeholders, who will be more inclined to work with you as the project progresses and you receive feedback on the tasks completed. This type of resource also allows you to make use of the template to visually display your plan to your stakeholders, thus providing them with a visual example of your work. This makes the plan more tangible and allows them to see exactly what you have done. Thus, the template provides a powerful tool to support your overall strategy development, allowing you to effectively manage and coordinate the various tasks and deadlines associated with the project.

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