Project Planning Checklist Template

Project Planning Checklist Template


If you’re involved in a number of different types of projects, you will know how important it is to have a good project planning checklist. A good template can help ensure that you do things right the first time, and without accidentally setting off a new project in the wrong direction. Many templates are available on the Internet, but before using one, it’s worthwhile to consider whether or not you need a template to begin with. Although there are some very good templates available online, there are also many that are unsuitable for your project.


It’s important to note that you should never use a ready-made template for any purpose, unless you have experience with planning check lists in particular. In general, they’re very generic and may not provide all the information you might need to generate a great plan. A professional consulting company that specialises in this field may be able to guide you to the best possible template, and can help you use it in the right way to ensure your document is unique.


If you’re looking to customise a template for your own needs, you could start by searching the Internet for a “project” or “check list template”. The Internet can also give you pointers as to whether you should purchase a ready-made template or create one for yourself. Most professionals will advise you to create your own, as it requires experience to accurately determine what a client needs, and how to create a customised template that incorporates the appropriate details. If you have no experience of this kind of thing, it could end up being an expensive mistake that could further damage your reputation with clients.

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