Real Estate Marketing Flyer Template

Real Estate Marketing Flyer Template


Realtors and their agents should consider using a pre designed real estate marketing flyer to bring customers to their properties. There are many benefits to this tactic; one of which is that there is very little time or effort required on the part of the re-seller. Another benefit is that this strategy can increase the chances of a quick sale or rent to own transaction. Using a template for a marketing campaign allows agents to get their foot in the door. The template eliminates the extra legwork from the re-seller and provides them with an effective introduction to selling their property.


There are a number of different templates available on the internet. Finding one that meets your specific needs is easy because they come with pre-designed packages, testimonials and statistics as well as copy and paste instructions. Most of the print on the flyer is blank, however it is a good idea to supply your contact information and a map or route to the property you are selling. It may also be helpful to provide details about your rental guarantees and pets. If you are advertising for your business using the flyer then it may be worthwhile to provide direction to your website as well.


Many of these websites will have an area for you to upload your finished product. When uploading the file make sure you ensure that it is a standard size flyer. Then all you have to do is fill in your company’s information and a few product samples. Once you have completed your file, you can be assured that you will be able to use a pre designed real estate flyer in your next real estate open house event.

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