Sample Policy Memo Template

Sample Policy Memo Template


A sample policy, or “model” policy is just that: a sample version of an existing policy. These types of documents are used extensively in the workplace, particularly in HR departments where departmental policies must be routinely updated as changes occur in the workforce. Such documents are both useful and necessary because they allow those charged with enforcing labor laws to easily define their parameters, as well as provide guidance to employees on how best to comply with those parameters.


There are several different ways to utilize a template, but unfortunately not every template is appropriate for every situation. A policy template can be used simply as a guideline, giving direction to HR personnel about the general conduct that is expected of employees. The template might also be used to lay out expectations for specific actions when particular standards or procedures are not met, and/or when a particular policy is violated. A more involved usage of a template might be one that describes a process by which a company implements certain policy guidelines. Such a document could be used to establish expectations regarding a company’s disciplinary procedures or to outline methods for dealing with any problems that might arise as a result of those policies.


The fact is that there really is no “one size fits all” approach to using a template. Each unique situation calls for a different template, and no two businesses are alike. Therefore, when you’re working with a sample policy you should be sure to adapt it to fit your own situation, since each unique situation requires slightly different methods of addressing problems. This will ensure that you have the greatest chance of successfully implementing whatever policy model you choose and will make your company’s policies and procedures truly stand out in the eyes of those who see them.

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