Weekly Checklist Template

Weekly Checklist Template


To do checklist templates in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, right click on the template and choose “View”. In the “View” dropdown menu you will find three checkmarks next to “Group”. Click on one of the checkmarks and changes the template to your desired checklist. This way when you save the template it will be applied to your documents. In earlier versions you had to edit the template and save it as a.txt file.


To do list templates in Microsoft Word 2021, Excel or PowerPoint these are blank to-do list templates which are useful for organizing your daily, weekly and monthly task and project management tasks into a coherent plan or action plan. You can insert a variety of text boxes and check boxes to customize the template to your needs. In both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office you can select “Check All Items” and “Get Results”. You can also sort the items by priority, creation time, due date and other specified factors.


To do checklist in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint you need to download an appropriate template from the Microsoft Office Web site. Open the downloaded file and save as a.txt file. To do checklist in Microsoft Word the easiest way is to use the view option from the main menu at the top of the screen which is usually called “sheet view”. If you have saved your template in a different format, choose “Fit to window” option from the menu to optimize the appearance of the document. Finally you may either print the template or save it in the pdf format and use it to print invitations or other cards.

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