Weekly Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template

Weekly Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template


If you are in need of a vehicle maintenance checklist, then using a weekly vehicle inspection checklist template is one of the best ways to create such a list. Using a template for such a list is important because it allows you to duplicate certain elements of the actual checklist and thus making the document much more generic in nature. The following are examples of elements you can include in your template. Additional information regarding the vehicle is always welcome in such templates. It might be something as simple as a list of the most common problem areas of vehicles (e.g. airbags, seat belts, automatic transmission, brakes, etc.)


When a vehicle is inspected on a weekly basis, the inspector spends approximately 90% of his or her time going over the same issues on the same block of time. Therefore, if you have a copy of the inspectors original report and just need a quick summary of each item noted on that report, then use the same template as you would when preparing the regular vehicle check list. The main reason why an inspection should be done on a weekly basis is because problems that are noticed and reported on a regular basis can be prevented from getting worse overtime. This is another reason why it is important to create and maintain a vehicle condition check list.


In addition, if an inspector observes a problem but does not notice the fix then he or she notes it on the report. If the car owner notes the problem and then asks the repair shop to make the necessary repairs, then that problem should also be noted on the car maintenance checklist. After all, this is how things get done routinely in a professional shop. By providing the car owner with a copy of the inspection report, the inspector is providing that car owner with a way to get his or her money’s worth. This is a basic service and therefore a vehicle maintenance checklist should be used to prepare a good report from the professional shop or the insurance agent.

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